Although shortened to a Long Weekend the SAGA Training Week was enjoyed by all who attended. Hosted by the Adelaide University Gliding Club at Stonefield Gliding airfield it involved lectures and briefings in the morning and evenings of viewing video of the days flying, weather patterns and general knowledge quizzes.

A short task was set for Saturday with most pilots being unable to achieve it. Alex Eden and Andrew Horton tried in vain to gain enough height to venture south into blue skies towards Sedan however were continually forced to return to Stonefield. While later Dennis Moloney and Andrew were able to gain enough height to venture under a convergence over Truro and the surrounding ranges.

Darcy Moloney and Andrew faced similar conditions on Sunday with skinny thermals and little cumulus clouds while Ian Johnston and Andrew were at least able to get to Eudunda, flying to cloudbase. Alex took the opportunity to do some outlanding training with Cath Conway in a Super Dimona.

Monday afternoon saw a front go through the airfield producing strong winds creating a dust storm but not before both Alex and Darcy could get in spin training in the AUGC’s K13, and Darcy also completed outlanding training.

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