Air Experience Flight: $120 + $1 per minute after 15 minutes (at Pilot’s discretion)

Payment strictly by cash or (Gift) Voucher

(Gift) Vouchers can be obtained by contacting the club by phone or email

Note: No EFTPOS or Credit Card Facilities available

Joining fee: $165 (Juniors (under 18) & Full Time Students (under 25) $55)
Annual membership fee: $198 (Junior (under 18) & Full Time Students (under 25) $22)
Winch launch: $14.30 (Junior (under 18) & Full Time Students  (under 25) $7.70)
Aircraft hire: DG1001s: $1.30/min (Jnr & F/T Stds $0.99/min)
ASK21: $0.95/min (Jnr & F/T Stds $0.70/min)
Astir CS : $0.70/min (Jnr & F/T Stds $0.60/min)
Mini Nimbus: $0.70/min (Jnr & F/T Stds $0.60/min)After 4 hrs flight time A/C hire is charged at ½ price.Visiting pilots pay the above rates plus 20%, must be GFA member and member of another gliding club
Flying before 10:00 is free for members (launch fees still apply).
2 hours of flying towards the Silver C badge is free and will be credited upon presentation of a new certificate.