[lead]The weekend promised good conditions and delivered in spades with streeting and cloud bases to 15,000 feet.[/lead]

On Saturday Eric celebrated being chosen to represent Australia again by taking BXC (ASK 21) for a leisurely 561km flight (believed to be a record for the club) at an average speed of 100km/h which is not a bad effort for an aircraft designed as a basic trainer. The flight took him to Booleroo Centre, Melrose, Stonefield, Waikerie and back to Balaklava.

Roger took the Mini over the farm and checked that everything was OK and then continued on to Orroroo, Burra, Stonefield and with thoughts of continuing to Waikerie. With threats of dark cloud and a touch of rain he decided it was prudent to turn for home with a flying time of just over 5 hours.

Sunday saw the Astirs being dusted off and put through their paces. Firstly Darcy took KYS to Lochiel, Snowtown, Blyth and returning to Balak with a 92 mins flight and Dennis made almost the identical flight in reverse in 91mins in WQH.

Then it was Alex’s turn in KYS and he completed his first cross country. The flight took him to Eudunda, Clare and Brinkworth before returning to Balak in 105 mins. Andrew went for his first flight in WQH to Brinkworth, Snowtown and Lochiel in 113 mins.

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