The trip to Minburra Station was fantastic!  There were 4 days of good flying, although on one or two days the thermals started a bit later in the day.  The Rasheeds, who own and operate the station, were delighted to see us and made us very welcome.

JC and the Newtons arrived early (Tuesday or so) to sample the local scenery.  Several others (Lou, Jeff and Maureen, Andrew, Wheaty and others) arrived with aircraft and the winch on the Thursday around lunch-time, with Roger arriving with the Mini later in the day.  The Collinses were already there and the Brookers arrived the following day.  James flew a Jabiru up from Kadina, arriving also on Thursday.

The aircraft arrived in time for one of the 21s to be rigged, and two flights were had, in thermals which were still plentiful late in the day.  Some new scenery to see!

On the following two days everyone present had good flights, although some cirrus kept thermal activity on the light side.  Even so, most flights went to 5,000 ft or so, allowing everyone to partake of the scenery.  Meantime someone decided that a campfire would be a good idea so some useful firewood was obtained

The Sunday turned out interesting – there was quite a bit of alto-Cu which kept the temperature down just enough to prevent any decent thermals from forming.  And to start with, the winch played up a bit, necessitating some fault-finding prior to starting operations; the fault was found and quickly rectified.  Around lunch-time, those who flew having got circuits only, everyone decided to head back to the shearers’ quarters where we were housed to have lunch and then evaluate the conditions, noting that if they didnÂ’t improve then the gliders would be packed up.  Around that time, the Collinses and Brookers departed, followed by James who flew the Jabby back to Kadina.  But the Cu’s were starting to look like Cu’s generated from ground-based thermals, which curiously didn’t seem to exist… until those who left early had actually done so.  Everyone who flew after that had a great time, up to 10,000 ft with long flights the order of the rest of the day.  De-rigging followed.

Monday – departure.  Everyone packed up, and the Rasheeds had something else going on – sheep-shearing had started at the main shearing shed about 12 km away, so the Newtons, Cheethams, John W and Andrew headed out there.  The shearing had well and truly started, on the first of several thousand sheep, with fleece being accurately sorted out and baled up.

The Rasheeds were thanked profusely for their wonderful hospitality, and we hope that this now becomes an annual event!  The weather co-operated nicely for the event, with 30 degrees pretty much the norm for the whole event.

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