From Ulrich…

Another Joey Glide is over and what a great competition it was – not only did the weather play along with all days soarable and a good variety of airmasses and conditions but the races were very close to the last day.

Eric came second in the last race for a total tenth placing. Unfortunately this was not enough to claim the trans-tasman trophy which went to Nick “Nuck” Oakley who came 3rd today and placed 8th overall.

Colin came 4th today and overall 2nd – a fantastic achievement.

And for the very first time the State of Origin team trophy went to the SA team – consisting of Colin, Eric, and Matt Scutter from the Adelaide Soaring club

In all it was a tough but rewarding two weeks for the Balaklava team. Now for the way home…

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Earlier in the day…

Weather wise yesterday was an interesting day with at least 3 different air masses moving through the contest area. Initially it looked like the task might have to be cancelled despite the promising soaring forecast. Eventually the thermals started pumping and the fleet was launched.

As Jess was flying with Shinzo Takizawa I decided to take our medic and father of one of the SA coaches for a local flight in BXC. He had flown in all sorts of military jets, helicopters and transport aircraft but never in a glider and was really keen..

Initially we just boated around the lake but in the improving conditions we decided to follow a few of the tail-enders around part of the task.

Highlights were flying over some hang- and paragliders at Mt Borah, getting to 10000ft and running up the valley to Mt Kaputar, then back along the Carrols in still air to Lake Keepit. To top it off we did some aerobatics over the lake. The flight was a real buzz for both of us and we may end up with a new member.

If there is another task today can Eric catch up the 200 points to win the trans tasman trophy?

From Andrew…

Yep, the last day… with an awesome sky and a run-task set where competitors go around a smallish triangle as many times as they can in a time limit. Both time and triangle size are kept small so no one outlands far away, or even at all. Colin needs to beat the first-place guy (Andy Maddocks) by more than 80 points to claim first place… it’s a big ask. Can he do it? He was interviewed by the local TV Station earlier today – I’ll see if I can get a copy of the video.

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