From Ulrich…

There is some controversy about Eric and others allegedly infringing a buffer zone around airspace during yesterday’s task therefore, incurring hefty penalty points. According to one of the organisers writing the competition rules (who is also a pilot in the competition) a buffer zone was introduced to prevent possible airspace violations. The issue is that no such thing seems to be defined… Go figure. The scores on the results page should hopefully be corrected soon.

Another interesting story for the club history was written yesterday by our very own CFI: Andrew was roped in for a coaching flight and due to circumstances best described by him ended up with his fledgeling in a paddock near Boggabri. This must have been reported to the local police who promptly rushed to the scene of the “aircraft crash” followed by an ambulance. After the usual explanation that ‘no, nobody got hurt, this is a glider and didn’t get damaged, this is actually quite a normal occurrence…’ the copper dutyfully tried to submit our CFI to the indignity of a breath test which he only escaped due to the fact that the craft he had been operating was not powered by an engine. After the officer left a second cop car rocked up and required much the same explanation followed by one of the local council officers who hurried to the aid of the downed crew and also needed to be reassured. The news of an air crash near Boggabri briefly appeared on the web site of the local rag but was taken down some time later – someone obviously did their facts checking, albeit after the story was already out. We heard later that Ian Downs, the manager here at the club got a phone call from them and had some explaining to do.

Today was declared a rest day due to pilots and crews being very tired from the heat and the quite difficult tasks so far. Some went swimming in the lake, others had a snooze or went shopping. Colin took Josh the Canadian helper here for a joyflight around Mt Kaputar in the great flying conditions.

At the moment the Australian Junior Gliding Club is holding its AGM and those no longer eligible for membership are impatiently waiting for proceedings to finish so we can have dinner.

From Andrew…

Today was declared a rest-day after a whole pile of shenanigans and arguments, and late-night revelling the previous evening. It was considered prudent to give everyone an opportunity to relax and collect their wits, and look forward to the last two days of the competition.

Apparently the day went to 11,000 ft for those who flew.

Let’s see what the final two days bring! Forecast is for good conditions.

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