From Ulrich…

Day 3 of JoeyGlide 2012 promised to be a good one from the first glimpse out of the tent flap. Listening to the banter on the radio from the shade under the trees in front of the Lake Keepit office it sounds like all the boys and girls are having a lot of fun, now about halfway around their task.

Jess is flying with her friend Claire Scutter as safety pilot who has a Spot tracker which allows us to check their position in about 10 min intervals. They seem to have just turned close to Mt Kaputar, Australia’s 2nd highest mountain.

Colin, currently 2nd in the cumulative score, seemed very confident on the grid – let’s hope he can collect enough points today to stay at the top of the list.

Eric, due to his outlanding on the first day, is hoping to catch up and work his way up the ladder. He did a good job of it yesterday. Eric was alsoelected to fly for the Trans – Tasman trophy against New Zealander Nick Oakley which his brother Colin won several years ago against Luke Tiller so this is putting extra pressure on him.


All have returned safely from the task & they had a great time. Now we are waiting for the scores.


After another great dinner at the Lake Keepit Soaring Club the scores are out and you can all look them up on Soaringspot ( All 3 of our Balaklava team did very well. Even Jess, although not officially scored, beat Eric’s opponent. Who would have thought BXC could be pushed so hard? Girl power!

After the girls had landed there was still plenty of lift left for mamma & pappa Stauss to have a joy flight over Lake Keepit and the task area at a more leisurely pace (and Joanne didn’t even fill a bag!). The spectacular sights were a great reward for the hardships of a blown tyre on the way here, braving the thunderstorm in the tent, repairing a flat Mini tyre on the grid and generally crewing for two/three gliders and their pilots in the heat.

From Andrew…

Day 3 promised to be a slightly better version of Day 2, and the forecast reflected this. And this time the forecast was more or less right!

The task was 3 hours, with, interestingly, 10 of the 18 competitors coming in under time. Colin ended up in 4th place with Eric in 6th. The overall results have Colin in second and Eric in 14th (but that was pretty well due to his outlanding on Day 1).

Jess and Claire Scutter also had a go at the task in the 21, and took around 4 hours or so, and had a great time.

Forecast is for gradually warming conditions for the rest of the week. Maybe we’ll get in all 7 days, which has happened only once in the history of JoeyGlide (Waikerie a couple of years ago, and it was held there only because Narromine was flooded out).

Perhaps we’ll get a 4-hour task in yet!

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