Our first Friday flying day was literally a washout with the weather not cooperating at all. To those who did attend, Bert, J B, Jeff, Bernard, Dennis, Darcy and Dene in the afternoon thankyou for coming along. We did manage to amuse ourselves removing and replacing the hangar doors on pvt.hangar 2 several times without achieving a lot. We did work out how to solve the problem and this will be a project for the near future.

Saturday turned out much better with 10 members attending. A total of just over 3 hours with 8 flights with Tim Lacey and Dean Hill having a one hour mutual flight in ZBG.

Sunday looked very dismal early, 4 members attending. Conditions improved by mid day, I had four flights with Grant Jacobs and Merv and Chris Scott each had soaring flights, with just under 3 hours and 8 flights. Operations were interrupted by 2 rope breaks with the rope parting at short splices. There still a few short splices in the ropes that should be redone to avoid further problems.

Regarding future Friday flying a suggestion was made that to arrange the next one 2 or 3 days before when the weather forecast looks promising. This can be done by e mail. If you think the end of a week looks promising open up some discussion to see what others think.

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