Although very hot, Sunday saw strong northerly winds and a covering of cirrus clouds ensuring little chance of decent thermals developing. The day saw only three flights, all in BXC with Andrew Horton having the longest of 31 minutes.

Saturday was an excellent day for soaring with James Francis taking the Astir up for over two hours and at times keeping up with Merv Lindner who was flying the Mini Nimbus. Some would argue that he was flying faster than the higher performance Mini. Merv flew over Blyth, Clare and the Clare Ranges covering over 100kms. Other notable flights were Mark Collins and Ulrich Stauss and later in the day John Cheetham and Dene Newton. Both flights were over an hour and both in ZBG.

Not to be outdone, Eric Stauss and Tim Lacey took up BXC for a 300km flight lasting just over five hours. It is good to see the ASK21s going cross country.

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