Price List

Air Experience Flight: $110 + $1 per minute after 15 minutes (at Pilots discretion)

Payment strictly by cash or (Gift) Voucher

(Gift) Vouchers can be obtained by contacting the club by phone or email

Members Note: No EFTPOS or Credit Card Facilities available
Joining fee: $165 (Juniors under 18 & Full Time Students under 25 $55)
Annual membership fee: $198 (Jnr & F/T Stds $11)
Winch launch: $14.30 (Jnr & F/T Stds $7.70)
A/C hire: DG1001s: $1.265/min (Jnr & F/T Stds $0.968/min)
ASK21: $0.924/min (Jnr & F/T Stds $0.66/min)
Astir CS : $0.66/min (Jnr & F/T Stds $0.55/min)
Mini Nimbus: $0.66/min (Jnr & F/T Stds $0.55/min)For flights longer than 4hrs the remainder is 1/2 price. Visiting pilots pay the above rates plus 20%
and must be GFA member and member of another gliding club
Flying before 10:00 is free for members (launch fees still apply).
2 hours of flying towards the Silver C badge is free and will be credited upon presentation of a new certificate.

Prices in Australian Dollars, current as at 02 Apr 20. Prices do not include GFA and State Association membership and may change without prior notice.

Please note that our gliders have a placarded maximum weight limit, generally 110kg per seat. Passengers and/or pilots heavier than the placarded weight limit of the particular glider or seat cannot fly that aircraft.



New members are always welcome. The best way to get in contact with us is to come to the airfield in person. You will probably want to try an air experience flight anyway. Ask the duty instructor or one of the committee members to sign you up. Otherwise contact the club by phone, or email.