GFAMet Weather Forcasts

GFA have partnered with SkySight to bring all GFA members a free and reliable soaring weather forcast. It has almost all of the main features as the subscription version of SkySight. To Login go to: www.glidingaustralia.org From the drop down menu select "My GFA/Soar rpts" Then select "GFAMet Weather Forcast" and ... More

DG Update

We have just received word that our brand new, and finished DG 1001 has been loaded up into its shiny cobra trailer and firmly secured inside a shipping container for its journey to Adelaide. At present it will be in transit to port and we will have a better idea on its arrival date in the next few weeks while it is on the ... More

Spring has sprung

  With the soaring weather starting to pick up and the prospect of long cross-country flights ahead it is a great idea to make sure you are familiar with the current airspace. The Adelaide VNC maps used to be fairly difficult to procure and came at a cost. Not anymore! http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/ai... More

DG 1001S

Construction has begun on what will be the clubs 3rd twin-seat glider. In spring the club will take delivery of a brand new DG 1001S. This extremely versatile glider has a wingspan of 20 metres and a maximum glide ratio of 46:1. The club will use this new aircraft predominantly for cross country soaring, cross country ... More

Laurie goes solo!

This Saturday saw a great day with 24 flights using the two ASK21s. A big thanks to our winch drivers Dene Newton, Dean Hill, Wal Mayger and Jeff Watson and to Pete Oldfield who ran the flight desk. Now for the big news, after three flights with Shucky putting her through the wringer and Merv spinning her out of her ... More

An absolutely glorious day

Today saw an absolute glorious day, lift everywhere with both Astirs poking their noses out in the gentle sun. Pete Oldfield and I had an hour in ZBG out to Nantawarra and back, cloud base 4200' and Laurie Dean doing a few hours in ZBG. Tom and passenger in one of the 21s did three quarters of an hour and Peter ... More

SAGA Training Week

Although shortened to a Long Weekend the SAGA Training Week was enjoyed by all who attended. Hosted by the Adelaide University Gliding Club at Stonefield Gliding airfield it involved lectures and briefings in the morning and evenings of viewing video of the days flying, weather patterns and general knowledge quizzes. A ... More

SA State Gliding Championships

The SA State Gliding Championship 2012/13 is being held at Waikerie with BGC being represented by Andrew Horton in his Mosquito in the Open Class. Out of a field of seven he has had some credible results with coming in third on Days 1 and 3. For all results go to soaringspot.com More

An excellent day for soaring

Although very hot, Sunday saw strong northerly winds and a covering of cirrus clouds ensuring little chance of decent thermals developing. The day saw only three flights, all in BXC with Andrew Horton having the longest of 31 minutes. Saturday was an excellent day for soaring with James Francis taking the Astir up for ... More

Joeyglide Day 5

From Ulrich... There is some controversy about Eric and others allegedly infringing a buffer zone around airspace during yesterday's task therefore, incurring hefty penalty points. According to one of the organisers writing the competition rules (who is also a pilot in the competition) a buffer zone was introduced to ... More