Fabulous conditions

On Saturday Eric celebrated being chosen to represent Australia again by taking BXC (ASK 21) for a leisurely 561km flight (believed to be a record for the club) at an average speed of 100km/h which is not a bad effort for an aircraft designed as a basic trainer. The flight took him to Booleroo Centre, Melrose, Stonef... More

As John Wheatcroft reported….

Our first Friday flying day was literally a washout with the weather not cooperating at all. To those who did attend, Bert, J B, Jeff, Bernard, Dennis, Darcy and Dene in the afternoon thankyou for coming along. We did manage to amuse ourselves removing and replacing the hangar doors on pvt.hangar 2 several times without ... More

Joeyglide Day 7

From Ulrich... Another Joey Glide is over and what a great competition it was - not only did the weather play along with all days soarable and a good variety of airmasses and conditions but the races were very close to the last day. Eric came second in the last race for a total tenth placing. Unfortunately this was ... More

Joeyglide Day 6

Today promised to be interesting... with a lot of cirrus edging in, setting a task was tricky. The main task would take around 3-4 hours but the cirrus forced us to set a much smaller task of two hours as an alternative. Just before launching, we decided to use the shorter task. Turned out that conditions were excelle... More

Joeyglide Day 4

What a difference. A 350 km speed task mostly in the blue today. I've just had a short flight with a passenger and thermals, whilst strong, are narrow and not very easy to center. It should be quite a challenge for the competitors. Jess wanted to have a rest and is off for a local flight with one of the QLD coachees who ... More

Joeyglide Day 3

From Ulrich... Day 3 of JoeyGlide 2012 promised to be a good one from the first glimpse out of the tent flap. Listening to the banter on the radio from the shade under the trees in front of the Lake Keepit office it sounds like all the boys and girls are having a lot of fun, now about halfway around their task. Jess ... More

Joeyglide Day 1

We all got there in plenty of time, on the Monday or thereabouts, with lots of time to rig and explore the place. An unofficial practice day was held on 8 December, with 4 of the eventual 18 entries taking part. The following day was the official practice day, with most people flying. The forecast was for thunderstorms ... More

Congratulations to all the winners

The gliding club's Presention Night was once again held at the Royal Hotel in Balaklava. After an excellent meal the follow awards were presented. Wings to First Solo pilots Alex Eden and Mark Collins Pylon Race winners: Steve Shuck and Lou Railz Longest Distance: VH-FQB (Mini Nimbus), Eric Stauss 25 February ... More

Another student goes solo

Mark Collins, another student to go solo. Just in time to receive his wings at the Presentation Dinner that night. More

A busy day for Shane Brooker

Congratulations to Shane Brooker who went solo today! The day started early and Grant, after giving him a check-flight, allowed him to fly solo on the very next flight. He had three more solo flights on what turned out to be a busy day. More