James goes sky high

It was announced today that new member James Snowball is the receipent of the 2014 Royal Australian Gliding Association (RANGA) Scholarship. The scolarship is awarded to a person who can demonstrate a strong commitment to aviation but who is not yet at solo standard in any form of flying. It assists in the training ... More

Single seater promotions

After having both gained their C Cetificates and the appropriate flying hours, Alex Eden and Darcy Moloney were promoted to flying a single single seater. One of the clubs Astirs. Both had extended flights on a perfect day and came back with hugh smiles on their faces. More

Congratulations to all the winners

The gliding club's Presention Night was once again held at the Royal Hotel in Balaklava. After an excellent meal the follow awards were presented. Wings to First Solo pilots Alex Eden and Mark Collins Pylon Race winners: Steve Shuck and Lou Railz Longest Distance: VH-FQB (Mini Nimbus), Eric Stauss 25 February ... More

Another student goes solo

Mark Collins, another student to go solo. Just in time to receive his wings at the Presentation Dinner that night. More