Congratulations to all the winners

The gliding club's Presention Night was once again held at the Royal Hotel in Balaklava. After an excellent meal the follow awards were presented. Wings to First Solo pilots Alex Eden and Mark Collins Pylon Race winners: Steve Shuck and Lou Railz Longest Distance: VH-FQB (Mini Nimbus), Eric Stauss 25 February ... More

Another student goes solo

Mark Collins, another student to go solo. Just in time to receive his wings at the Presentation Dinner that night. More


Congratulations to Alex Eden who went solo today! The CFI checked him out and sent him off on his merry way, and he managed a flight of 14 minutes, some of it spent in dying lift. More

A busy day for Shane Brooker

Congratulations to Shane Brooker who went solo today! The day started early and Grant, after giving him a check-flight, allowed him to fly solo on the very next flight. He had three more solo flights on what turned out to be a busy day. More

Minburra Station

The trip to Minburra Station was fantastic!  There were 4 days of good flying, although on one or two days the thermals started a bit later in the day.  The Rasheeds, who own and operate the station, were delighted to see us and made us very welcome. JC and the Newtons arrived early (Tuesday or so) to sample the local ... More