SAGA Training Week

Although shortened to a Long Weekend the SAGA Training Week was enjoyed by all who attended. Hosted by the Adelaide University Gliding Club at Stonefield Gliding airfield it involved lectures and briefings in the morning and evenings of viewing video of the days flying, weather patterns and general knowledge quizzes. A ... More

SA State Gliding Championships

The SA State Gliding Championship 2012/13 is being held at Waikerie with BGC being represented by Andrew Horton in his Mosquito in the Open Class. Out of a field of seven he has had some credible results with coming in third on Days 1 and 3. For all results go to More

An excellent day for soaring

Although very hot, Sunday saw strong northerly winds and a covering of cirrus clouds ensuring little chance of decent thermals developing. The day saw only three flights, all in BXC with Andrew Horton having the longest of 31 minutes. Saturday was an excellent day for soaring with James Francis taking the Astir up for ... More

Joeyglide Day 7

From Ulrich... Another Joey Glide is over and what a great competition it was - not only did the weather play along with all days soarable and a good variety of airmasses and conditions but the races were very close to the last day. Eric came second in the last race for a total tenth placing. Unfortunately this was ... More

Joeyglide Day 6

Today promised to be interesting... with a lot of cirrus edging in, setting a task was tricky. The main task would take around 3-4 hours but the cirrus forced us to set a much smaller task of two hours as an alternative. Just before launching, we decided to use the shorter task. Turned out that conditions were excelle... More

Joeyglide Day 5

From Ulrich... There is some controversy about Eric and others allegedly infringing a buffer zone around airspace during yesterday's task therefore, incurring hefty penalty points. According to one of the organisers writing the competition rules (who is also a pilot in the competition) a buffer zone was introduced to ... More

Joeyglide Day 4

What a difference. A 350 km speed task mostly in the blue today. I've just had a short flight with a passenger and thermals, whilst strong, are narrow and not very easy to center. It should be quite a challenge for the competitors. Jess wanted to have a rest and is off for a local flight with one of the QLD coachees who ... More

Joeyglide Day 3

From Ulrich... Day 3 of JoeyGlide 2012 promised to be a good one from the first glimpse out of the tent flap. Listening to the banter on the radio from the shade under the trees in front of the Lake Keepit office it sounds like all the boys and girls are having a lot of fun, now about halfway around their task. Jess ... More

Joeyglide Day 2

What a difference. The weather forecast wasn't promising, so two tasks were set, the A task was 2 hours and the B task was 1 hour. A bit before launch, the B task was ordained as the official task and then the promised deterioration in weather didn't eventuate. The result was that nearly everyone got back home, with so far ... More

Joeyglide Day 1

We all got there in plenty of time, on the Monday or thereabouts, with lots of time to rig and explore the place. An unofficial practice day was held on 8 December, with 4 of the eventual 18 entries taking part. The following day was the official practice day, with most people flying. The forecast was for thunderstorms ... More